Polish Master 4000

The Schlafli brush polishing machine POLISH MASTER 4000 precisely and efficiently brushes sharp edges, burrs and radii of parts made of hard materials such as sapphire, ruby, ceramics, zirconium or tungsten carbide. The brushing process allows a significant improvement of the surface quality. To enable an optimal polishing operation the parts are placed in holes, or glued to the 4 working discs of the POLISH MASTER 4000. During a variable period of time, the parts are processed by means of the rotating and vertically oscillating polishing brush. A diamond compound is used as an abrasive medium. Depending on the grain size of the diamond compound and the specification of the brush varying surface finishes can be achieved.

Brush diameter

380 mm

Working disk diameter

144 mm

Rotary speed

brush                       Variable in a range of 0 – 160 min-1
working disks        Variable in a range of 0 – 12 min-1

Oscillation stroke of brush

variable in a range of 0 – 10 mm

Change of direction of rotation

variable in a range of 5sec – 60hrs

Dimensions (length x width x depth)

700 x 1000 x 820 mm


150 kg

Available accessories

Diamond suspension
Different types of brushes