The drilling machine BA-2 is designed to drill precise bores into hard materials such as sapphire, ruby, ceramics or tungsten carbide. It is used for example to produce efficiently watch or industrial bearings or balls used as styli for touch probes. The machine has three independent production units mounted on one base. Each of these units is separately driven and controlled. They are centrally lubricated and supplied with coolant as well as vacuum required to handle the parts automatically. Each unit’s handling system uses two vacuum nozzles, one for loading and one for unloading. An automatic part measuring system and a tool-setting device check each part after machining. If required the diamond tool is adjusted by the tool-setting device. The units operate automatically controlled by a cam mechanism and electronic control system. You won't find a machine that offers the same precision and performance on just as littles space as the BA-2 requires!

External diameter of the workpiece

about 1.0- 6.0 mm

Bore diameter

0.4 – 6 mm

Grinding tool speed

30’000 RPM

Working angle

0′ to 30’ degrees

Workpiece spindle speed

setting n° 1: 6’700 1/min
setting n° 2: 5’800 1/min

Electrical specification

voltage               3 x 400VAC
frequency          3PH 50Hz-60Hz
control voltage 24 VDC

Dimensions (length x width x depth)

1150 x 650 x 850 mm


300 kg

Available accessories

Cooling agent and lubricants
All machine components are available as spare parts