The acuwire-L is designed to hone bores from 0.4 to 2.00 mm. As all Schläfli machines the acuwire-L is perfect to machine hard material as ruby, carbide, technical ceramics and steel. It is possible to mount long single parts as well as multiple short parts. Depending on the workpiece geometry the parts are cast into a quill shaft or a mechanical clamping fixture is used.

Part OD

up to 10mm (customized solutions for bigger ODs are available)

Bore size range

0.4 – 2.0 mm

Maximum part or arbor length

200 mm, option: 280 mm

Process control

Siemens SIMATIC S7

Spindle motor

500-4‘000 min-1

Electrical specification

voltage 110VAC – 240VAC
frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz

Dimensions (length x width x depth)

1600 x 650 x 1430 mm


300 kg


Ceramic tubes
Workpiece specifications
MaterialZirconium oxide
Inner diameter0.90 mm
Outer diameter1.302 mm
Length10.1 mm
Honing process data
Achieved tolerances (diameter)0/+0.002 mm
Material removal0.17mm
Number of pieces / clamping (=1 group)17
Cycle time (group)23 minutes. 48 seconds
Cycle time (workpiece)1 minute 24 seconds
Carbide workpiece
Workpiece specifications
Inner diameter0.8 mm
Outer diameter9.6 mm
Length7.4 mm
Honing process data
Achieved tolerances (diameter)+/- 0.001
Honing length4 mm
Number of pieces / clamping (=1 group)24
Cycle time (group)19.6 minutes
Cycle time (workpiece)49 seconds