About us

Schläfli ist well known for its high-precision machines  to finish small bores and outer diameters of parts  with a centric bore. The company sells its products worldwide into different industry sectors. Allthough operating worldwide Schläfli offers all benefits of a small company: flexibility, customer focus and quick response.

Schläfli develops and produces high-precision wire honing machines, machines to grind concave and convex shaped and the wire guided centerless grinding machine. The machines bring diameter, roundness, cylindricity, coaxiality and surface quality to perfection.

The machines are used in the watch-, textile-, auomotive-, tool manufacturing and medical industry to machine matrixes, orifices, bushings, watch an d industrial bearings, pinions or ferrules.
The material machined ranges from extremly hard to relatively soft one.

Innovative, social and sustainable is how we act.
Innovative: We think outside the box and unconventional if necessary.
Social: We cater to the needs of our customers and our staff and offer solutions.
Sustainable: We think and act sustainaby.