Schläfli Engineering AG was founded on March 28, 1990 in Büren a/A (Switzerland). The company designs and produces bore sizing, shape grinding, polishing and wire guided centerless grinding machines with processes that maximize all key quality aspects of small parts: diameter, roundness, cylindricity, concentricity and surface finish.

The machines are best suitable, among many other operations, for the watch, textile, automotive, tool and medical industry. They are perfectly adaptable for the machining of dies, nozzles, bushings, bearings, watch & industrial ruby and sapphire, gear wheels and ferrules. They can machine ultra hard material to relatively soft materials.

Our main products in the overview:

Wire-honing machines for serial processing of small cylindric bores in the ID range of 0.040 - 2.000 mm (0.002" - 0.080") by using a tapered / cylindric wire and diamond paste.

Wire-honing machine acuwire-SWire-honing machine acuwire-L

Centerless grinding machine for serial, accurate grinding of outer diameters and concentricity in the range of 0.500 - 8.000 mm (0.020" - 0.315").

Centerless grinding machine PreciGrind 2000

Brushing and polishing machine for deburring, rounding and polishing of edges/bore entrances, as well as for polishing of surfaces.

Brushing and polishing machine PolishMaster

The automatic CMU is designed for the precise and efficient grinding/polishing of concave and convex shaped parts made out of hard materials.

Automatic CMU